What are the Most Exciting Chatting Apps for Android Users?

You should always stay connected with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, old classmates and neighbours. Indeed, in this digital world, it is easier than ever to stay connected with everyone. You can ensure that you have the best experience and connectivity with everyone you like to stay linked with that too without any pennies.

There are some wonderful applications on android that makes chatting a cakewalk for you and get you all the exciting features that make sure you have a rich and convincing experience while you chat and share your stuff.


Chatting apps



This is one of the most popular, adored, used and loved the application. Millions of people make use of this app every day. You can do Whatsapp app download 2018 or any other version of this application and it would give you a great experience. The application permits the users to chat with all your contacts that are making use of this platform. You can send texts, voice messages, and media files such as pictures, videos and songs and can even voice and video call. 

Apparently, the media files you send via this platform must not exceed 16mb and otherwise, it is wonderful. Moreover, you can also set the status on the app and make sure that you put something or other new every day that remains there for 24 hours. The features are wonderful and you have proper encryption and safety.  

Telegram Application 

Having millions of users on this Telegram platform, this is undoubtedly one of the popular and useful messaging apps. But yet this app is most of the times known for its robust end-to-end encryption and that keeps the texting and calls of the user’s privacy. On this app, chat data automatically synchronized without any restrictions across all devices and operating systems. The interface of this platform is intuitive and amazing.

Flexible security options make this application certainly wonderful and safe. The most wonderful thing is that there is no restriction on the size sharing of the media. The file can be of any MB that you share and stickers and GIFs make this app even more exciting, fun and enjoyable.


The line is certainly fighting for ultimate supremacy in the VoIP space against different prestigious names like WhatsApp. This good messenger app caters good voice and video capability and has a solid following in Asia. Also, you should not forget that this platform of the line also expands outside of simply calling by catering different types of stickers, emoticons, group messaging and even that of the ease to share multiple media with other Line users.

In simple words, it is an effective and useful social media channel such as Facebook and Twitter.  This platform is not linked up to your mobile phone; you can even make use of Line on the PC or Mac. You can also make a call to landline suing this app but that might include some extra charges.


Thus, which one of these applications you have on your android device? Well, get all these applications for free and have fun tot eh fullest.