How To Approach Women Perfect Your Opener With Touch and Spin

Let’s get serious:

50% of the guysdont have the balls to say hello. They might be big buff guys, but they dont even come out with a whimper. They are just orbiting the bar, wasting their time, taking up valuable bar space and making bars rich.There are the 30% that start conversations and cant really take it much further.

There are 10% that occasionally get lucky, but need a lot of signposts before they pursue a lady hard. These guys are always looking for clear signs of affection and acknowledgement. These are like the snails in the race.

There are 8% who can escalate. I like to think they play a numbers game. They throw a lot in the bucket and inevitably one or two are bound to come out successful. They arent really that great at getting the attraction racing, but the odd girl will submit to their whims eventually. You have to give them credit, they have a lot of persistence, and sometimes that means persuasion.1-2% have the game downpat and know what to do in all aspects.

Approach Women Perfect


Few Guys With Many Girls

Thats not many guys, who get all the girls. In essence, all the guys out there, who know a thing or two, understand what gets a girl going. She wants a fun confident guy. This is not some secret piece of wisdom that is secretly dispersed amongst a small exclusive group of gentleman. 50% of the guys know this. This percentage is growing. However, ths group is typically unable to go from knowing what attracts to portraying and executing it. In too many cases they explore the logical route and fail to show congruence.

I want to take you away from that bottom 50%. I know its not easy approaching a hot girl. It can be darn intimidating at times. I want to turn you into a member of that 10%. Slowly, but surely, you will become that 1% or 2%. Its not overnight, and it requires dedication, but it will happen.

The Good Approach Of Women and the Bad Approach of Women

So what separates the 90% from the 10%. It boils down to the first minute or two of interaction. Within that first moment of the conversation, you can tell some sort of connection is being made. This includes the 30 minutes or so before you muscled up the courage to say hello. Ill address that first 30 minutes though. Dont ever let that period of time stretch. If you and a girl ever lock eye contact, you need to say hello quickly and efficiently. You need to acknowledge her and quickly scoop up the opportunity. There is a reason she looked. Dont give her the opportunity to think negative things about you. She will start doing that if you avoid her.

What Do You Seek To Accomplish

Approach Women

During your first minute your are attempting to accomplish five things. You want to -Communicate to the girl that you are sain, of stable mind, and safe to be aroundCommunicate that you are unique. You want to differentiate yourself from other men . The amount of touch you establish within the first minute of your interaction will determine the parameters of entry later. If you fail to establish touch early in the context of your interaction you will find it far more difficult later. This is because barriers were set and the woman feels strange committing to this

Make the girl feel good about herself. Remember, women make decisions based on their emotions. You dont want to overtly say to the woman that she is extremely beautiful and that you fight hordes of monsters to be with her. You want to drop a little message to her that makes her feel good about herself and elevates her mood. If her mood is elevated, she is more likely to allow you to take this conversation from touching and feeling out your minds, to your bodies

Show dominance with your eye contact. Be seductive, without being overly suggestive; you want to at least establish the fact that you can deal with the sexual tension of the moment. Remember, you are male and she is female. Even if she is in a relationship and she is a practise game (I dont judge people based on their moral fibre, so some of us like to play in forbidden waters and taste the delicacies of these rare fruits) there will be some heat simmering. Thats a natural part of being an animal and being close to a member of your species. The tension is starting to boil. She wont want to be with you if you cannot deal with that tension. Assert yourself, your dominance and your masculinity. You want to show you have control of your environment.

Move individual somewhere quiet for a good chat

Within a few very quick steps youve initiated touch, differentiated yourself and set really positive parameters for the rest of your interaction. The best thing about this method is that it is so ballsy and courageous, women cannot question your confidence and pure sexual intensity you scream. All they can question is whether they are game enough to embark on the sexual journey they might be engaging in. The problem is not you and never was. The problem is that they are too tame to realise how much fun you are. They are scared they’ll have a heart attack.