Create an SEO Optimized website on hPage

Create an SEO Optimized website on hPage

When it comes to creating and building your own website, one of the things you have to consider is choosing a platform, service, or online tool that is equipped with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities. This is particularly important if you want to grow your website with a larger audience because SEO optimized sites can be easily found on the first few pages of search engines.

What is hPage?

One of the best online tools when it comes to building your website is the hPage Website Builder where every website created comes with free search engine optimization. You do not need to learn any search engine optimization techniques for your article or content to work. Just put the keywords and phrases you want your article to be searched by on the SEO boxes provided on the hPage Page Editor and the platform will do the rest for you once you hit that publish button.

How to make web pages SEO Optimized?

  • With hPage, all your web pages and your entire website are optimized from the moment it goes online.
  • On the page editor, make sure to include all they keywords and phrases you want your article or page to be searched by.
  • On the URL box, you can input your preferred URL name for SEO purposes.
  • Add relevant categories regarding the topic or nature of your web page.
  • For the photos you may want to upload on your website, you can edit the name of your photo and its meta tag so the search engines can place your photo on their search pages.
  • Edit the names of files.

Creating an hPage website

Should you opt to create and build your website with the hPage website builder, the steps are very easy to follow:

Create an SEO Optimized website on hPage

  1. Sign up for a free website on
  2. State your website domain.
  3. Choose a site template to get started. Click on their design catalog and pick from over 300 website designs.
  4. Create and edit your web pages.
  5. Add necessary features and addons by clicking on the ‘Extras’ menu on the menu bar of your hPage dashboard.

Let your website be easily found by people from all over the world. Create an SEO Optimized website on now.

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