A Flip through the Popular Video Downloading Apps 

Though the Android platform provides you with a lot of apps, most of them charge you. But still, there are some popular apps where you do not have to spend a single penny. Let us go through them as follows


video apps download



YouTube downloader

This is an app that would allow you to download and store videos in an easy way. You have to search a database, selection of a video and go on to choose the output quality and format all from the interface of the video. Even the quality and format of the video can be chosen. This app is an excellent platform to download movies


Standing at the top of downloading charts, this is a go-to app. Ever since the inception of the app, this has been a popular and trending one among the users. This app is free of charge and you can choose the resolution and even format of the video. Just opt for Vidmate apk download and your task becomes easy.

YTD downloader

A new audio and video downloader on the Android platform! It is possible to get an unlimited degree of downloading from a host of sites. You can create a playlist and even maintain a favourite collection of music. To protect the content there is a password. Being a lightweight app this is not going to consume a lot of space on your mobile phone.


This is a simple app that would allow you to download videos from a host of video downloading sites. It is possible to store the videos on to your local card without any form of complications. This provides you with an option of accessing the files anytime as per your convenience. 

Just paste the URL of the site as the file can be downloaded in an instant manner. Considering the availability you can download the videos in any format of your choice. Even the videos can be downloaded with subtitles.


This is a video downloading the app that is going you to allow downloading videos from YT in the quality ranging from 144p to 4 K. Even it goes on to support parallel downloads at high speeds. At the same time, you can pass or resume downloads at your own convenience and speed. 

The choice of desired format and quality rests with you. If you are in love with watching the videos from your conventional YouTube app, then it is possible to share the link from this app and select the app from this process.


This is an app where all the quality levels are clearly specified. It is possible to download the videos, and even if you are looking to access the option, there also exists an option for it. An annoying feature of this app is the annoying pop-up ads that might be a cause of hindrance. Still, if you are comfortable with the app you can go on to install it. For saving quick media files the app has a quick download engine.