7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Human

Artificial Intelligence is a new addition to our life. It is developing soon and it will be beneficial for humans in various ways. Just like every other technology, it is also having some pros and cons. But today, we will be looking at the seven benefits provided by Artificial Intelligence to humans:

7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Human

1-Humans No Need to Do the Tedious Tasks

Artificial Intelligence can be referred to as a boon to humanity given that it liberates humans and enable them to do the tasks in which they are good. Machines are becoming good in taking care of the cumbersome works and this is going to leave enough room and time for humans to work on more creative and interpersonal aspects of their life.

2-Improved Automation

Today, AI is capable of performing intensive human labor and tedious tasks easily without any human intervention. This approach has immensely automated several applications and tasks in the industries and in the different sectors.

Machine learning, deep learning, and other Artificial Technologies are increasing, adopted, and being incorporated in industries and organizations for reducing the workload of humans.

  1. Smart Weather Forecasting

Recently, we have seen the usage of Artificial Intelligence and its technologies in weather and climate forecasting. The field of “Climate Informatics” is evolving as it inspires a fruitful collaboration between data scientists and climate scientists. This collaboration provides us the tools to observe and analyze the complex climate data. 

4-Frees Humans from Responsibilities 

Commonly it is believed that AI will end humanity one day. Robots and machines will take care of the planet completely and permanently. But usually, we are ignoring the fact that the incorporation of AI in our daily lives will free us from all responsibilities. We are not saying that we should blindly let technology take control but there should be a balance. 

  1. Improved Disaster Response

California has seen major destruction in 2017 due to the wildfires. More than 1 million acres worth of land was burned in wildfires. 85 people were dead and 249 people were missing. Due to the threats of climate change and more, companies are now using artificial intelligence to know about disasters with algorithms.

  1. Zero Scope for Errors

According to the Clive Swan who is the Senior Vice President of Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps, said that AI and its automation will reduce the compulsion of human intervention and this will remove all scope for human error.

The best thing about AI is that it is error-free. Industries and organizations usually are having room for human error but with AI things will be better. 

7.Mixture of Creativity and Technology

AI is called a perfect mixture of creativity and technology. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a robotic machine is having the ability to think intelligently and creatively. They are able to translate these thoughts autonomously in various human applications.

These were the benefits that Artificial Intelligence will be provided to the human being. Do share your thoughts will Artificial Intelligence be useful to us or it will be harmful?