10 Amazing Vape Packaging Ideas to Follow In 2019

Vapes or an electronic cigarette is a device that is handheld and is powered by a single battery. These are used in order to simulate the idea of smoking and it also provides some behavioral aspects of smoking, which includes the action of hand to mouth action, but it does not burn the tobacco, as it contains none. Vaping is a term that defines the use of these electronic or e-cigarettes.

10 Amazing Vape Packaging Ideas to Follow In 2019

As all other kind of products needs a package for the safe carriage and delivery of the item, the vapes also need a medium of safety in order for preservation of the product inside. The vape packaging plays an important role of a safe haven for the vapes and other than the feature of safety, these cases help to market the product because of the outstanding features.

This section is about the 10 ideas that can be followed in order to have an amazing packaging idea for the boxes of vapes.

1.  Metal Packaging

1. Metal Packaging

One of the most secured way to pack the vapes is by using the metallic packaging of the item. This specific type is the safest way to case in any kind of products. The main feature of this material is the sturdiness of them. They do not get bent, nor are they torn apart on putting pressures on them. These cases are the best to imprint or to carve in the designs like logos and other abstract things, which attracts the buyers.

2.  Glass Packaging

Glass Packaging

Another amazing idea for the packaging of vapes is the glass packaging. This increases the outlook of the product as the product can be seen easily. It helps to initiate the buying decision of the customers as they can see the product without the unboxing of it. More importantly, the use of abstract painting on these glass containers increases the value of the product massively.

3.  Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging

One of the most obvious and amazing type of packaging is done by the use of plastics. These are easily available in the market as plastics are cheap and long lasting, moreover, these cases can come in the window cases or the plain ones according to the needs of the consumer.

4.  Cardboard Casing

Cardboard Casing

One of the most grown and acceptable type of casing is by the use of cardboards as a medium of packaging. This is the cheapest, yet, the most popular way of boxing the vapes. The use of Kraft sheets for the manufacturing of boxes help the vape businesses to get a safe box for the casing.


5.  Outstanding Prints

Colors Reflecting the Vape

The printing on the packaging plays an important role to induce the sales of the vapes. Let it be any material for the packaging, printing is the only way through which the consumers will know about the brand of the product. Therefore, it can be said that the use of custom printed vape boxesplays a major part to enhance the name of brand.

6.  Colors Reflecting the Vape

Compact Cases

Another important packaging idea is to select the best possible color scheme of the boxes of vapes. The best color scheme will always be the one that reflects the image of the vape that is packed inside. A black vape should always have a packaging that has black color in it. It goes for the vapes of other colors too.

7.  Compact Cases

Compact Cases

It should always be one of the first priority to select a packaging size that does not contradicts with the size of the vape. Too small or too large packaging should always be ignored. The use of a kind of casing that exactly fits the size of the vape is the best way to make sure that the additional costs of additional material are reduced and the compact cases ensure the safety of the product inside as it is firmly packed.

8.  Stickers on the Packaging


The idea of using stickers on the packaging is to reduce the amount of prints on it. These stickers either can portray the logos, or can portray the taglines of the business of vapes. Die cut stickers can also be used on these cases to make a standout packaging. These attractive stickers play an important role in enhancing the image of the brand.

9.  Legal Information

One of the best ideas to make the brand look credible in the eyes of the customers is to inform the customers about the legal information of the brand. This legal information includes the information about the laws and legal principles about the use of the product, and in case of vapes, it is most important. It is important because of several contradicting theories, which either support the idea of vapes or oppose it.

10.              A Packaging with Warning Signs

Last but not the least, Custom Vape packaging Boxes USAneeds to come with the signs of warning for the teenagers below the age of eighteen. This will ensure that the children are not misusing the product. Moreover, all other health related warning hazards on these packaging makes the casing look more real and credible.